• Let's Celebrate! - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

    Let's Celebrate!

    I'm so excited to announce the opening of my new Mariesa Mae Lingerie online store... Get ready for some exclusive offers, exciting updates and sneak peeks! To celebrate the 're-birth' of Mariesa Mae, I'm offering a 30% discount on all purchases and free shipping to our subscribers... Check out the store through the link below. Happy Easter shopping! xMMx

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  • The Drifters and the Dancers... - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

    The Drifters and the Dancers...

      New beginnings! The telltale signs of spring are starting to tease us with glimpses of longer days and the promise of warm, balmy summer nights! And with the advent of spring and it's symbolic association with rebirth and new life, I thought what better time for me to launch my new Mariesa Mae Lingerie online store than now! I'm so...

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  • #sexyontheinside - Mariesa Mae Lingerie


      Hi everyone and welcome to my blog... I am Mariesa Mae, a retired burlesque dancer, model, occasional chanteuse and full time idealist. Mine is a world filled with glitter and rainbows, sparkling stars and glorious sun rises. People often comment how I live in a dream world, and they'd be completely right to say so! My world of dreams...

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