Mariesa Mae, Lingerie designer, Mariesa Mae Lingerie, fashion designer, female entrepreneur

 A 'Showgirl' with a gypsy heart...

Mariesa Mae is the namesake label and lovechild of a burlesque dancer with a serious lingerie obsession. Her entry into lingerie began when she was performing burlesque whilst living in Sydney.

Frustrated with the lack of stylish lingerie to be found in her adopted home town of Sydney, Mariesa Mae decided to make her own,


"through the burlesque dancing I was able to fuse my love of performance with my lingerie obsession. I started making my own costumes and the label grew from there."


Eventually Mariesa decided to focus all of her energies onto the start up of her label and moved back to her home town of Leicestershire to develop the brand.


The result is a label with an aesthetic that is true to Mariesa's showgirl origins - elegant, classy and sophisticated... but with a bit of Rock 'n' Roll thrown in!