March 18 2016 – Mariesa Crowder

#sexyontheinside - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

#sexyontheinside - Mariesa Mae Lingerie


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog...

I am Mariesa Mae, a retired burlesque dancer, model, occasional chanteuse and full time idealist. Mine is a world filled with glitter and rainbows, sparkling stars and glorious sun rises. People often comment how I live in a dream world, and they'd be completely right to say so!

My world of dreams led me to imagine myself as a lingerie designer. I loved lingerie so much that I decided that I wanted my 'real job' to be a creator of beautiful undergarments. Bringing this dream to light has been an adventure of self discovery and learning, and within this I found a great sense of purpose of why I was drawn to lingerie so much.

#sexyontheinside is an initiative to remind people, particularly young women, that 'sexiness' comes from within. In today's society there is so much emphasis placed on the external. Women are valued more on what our bodies look like than the depth of our character, or what is going on beneath the glossy surface that we feel we must present to the world each day. As a lingerie designer, I found myself feeling more uncomfortable about perpetuating this disconnected notion of sexy. What disturbed me the most was how this is being played out, in the main part, by young women wanting to be deemed acceptable and worthy, aspiring to meet impossible standards set from what is considered to be attractive from a male gaze. This breeds competition and insecurity in women when we feel that we don't hit the mark, and instead of celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of our sisters, we feel that we must undermine and diminish them.

One of the reasons why I love lingerie is for it's ability to transform and empower, and I wanted to be able to portray this messaging through my label. I would like this blog to be a celebration of the 'beauty of the feminine' in all of our forms. A place where both men and women can appreciate different kinds of beauty and what it means to be 'sexy.' By instilling the underlying messaging of self belief, self love and self worth, I'd like to grow a community that builds confidence in women to accept themselves just the way they are, and to start nurturing their own unique brand of sexy. A place where women are empowered to embrace their dreams and explore their true potential and discover the true 'sexiness' inside themselves.

I hope that you will enjoy it.


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