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Crystal yoni wands and yoni eggs


100% natural and chemical free 


Our toys are free of glue, plastic, resic or petro-chemicals, PBAs and Phthalates, which are harmful for your vaginal health.


Crystal and Glass are a natural are a perfect holistic alternative to toxic silicone and plastic sex toys, as they are 100% natural and vibrating with the healing essence of Mother Earth. 


Awaken your senses and develop a deeper connection to your body using our Crystal Yoni Eggs, and discover the intense sensation of glass and crystal wands. A whole new world of deeply satisfying pleasure awaits you.


Crystal healing benefits and qualities


is a powerful black crystal formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. It's a grounding, protective stone that helps to clear and shield negative energy. 

 Choose me if you have unresolved sexual trauma and are willing to work on your shadow self to face the uncomfortable emotions that may rise to the surface in order to heal. 

 Country of origin: Mexico




is the traditionally used gemstone for yoni egg practice and will bring you clarity, emotional balance and a sense of calm.  Jade also brings Prosperity and abundance and will balance your Kidneys which is where all sexual energy and suppressed emotions are stored.

 Choose me if you’re wanting to replenish your sexual energy, balance emotions and enhance your overall health and vitality. 

 Country of origin: China




is the stone of unconditional love and helps with worthiness, compassion, self love and healing the heart. It may assist with clearing out anger, jealousy, and resentment. 

 Choose me if you lack self esteem and want to become a magnet for love. 

 Country of origin: Brazil 





Knowing a crystals’ origin and authenticity is of the utmost importance to us.

Our suppliers source stone materials in a responsible and sustainable manner that considers the people and environment throughout the process, taking into account moral principles dealing with environmental issues and workers' welfare.

Our workers take holidays in accordance with official holidays and are paid monthly wages in accordance to the fair workers act.

 For our Chinese suppliers, they employ staff in compliance with China relevant Laws and Regulations. 

When it comes to ethically sourcing the stone materials following the supply chain, our stone materials are sourced, processed, finished and tested with care and consideration from beginning to end.

 No chemicals, dyes or artificial additives are used in the process of making these yoni eggs and our workers are treated well and paid fairly in accordance with their law.

 We care about the people and the environment, which ensures good quality products. Our Rose Quartz, Jade,  Black Obsidian Eggs and Wands are in the lengthy process of becoming GIA certified.

 Our glass products are body-safe, hypoallergenic and made of pure borosilicate glass, which is BPA-free, lead-free, durable and resistant to thermal shock.


Revive your natural Vibe!


We invite you to explore the world of intentional Self Love with our selection of Pleasure Wands and Yoni Eggs. 

Vibrators are fun and a ‘climatic-quick-fix’ but our bodies can become desensitised. Crystal and Glass wands give a much deeper and more profound sensation and can be used both for pelvic floor release and internal yoni massage, as well as to stimulate the g-spot and cervix to experience deep vaginal orgasms. 

With a self love practise they can assist you in rewiring your pleasure sensors making your yoni more receptive to orgasmic pleasure.