The Drifters and the Dancers...

March 22 2016 – Mariesa Crowder

The Drifters and the Dancers... - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

The Drifters and the Dancers... - Mariesa Mae Lingerie


New beginnings!

The telltale signs of spring are starting to tease us with glimpses of longer days and the promise of warm, balmy summer nights! And with the advent of spring and it's symbolic association with rebirth and new life, I thought what better time for me to launch my new Mariesa Mae Lingerie online store than now!

I'm so excited to be able to share my journey with you all. You see, my life in lingerie has not always been as illustrious as it would appear. There was a time where I hit rock bottom and I didn't know how to move forward or which way to turn. I got stuck in my life and my dreams were fading. I'm sure that all of us can relate to a time where you felt this way.

This led me to take - what has now been - an 18 month hiatus from everything! During this time I was able to refocus and become really clear of what I wanted out of my life and where I wanted to take my lingerie dreams.



We all fall victim of putting too much pressure on ourselves and of trying to do too much. Life increasingly seems like a juggling act. I think that it's ok to admit to ourselves that sometimes we struggle at keeping all of those balls up in the air, and to realise that perhaps we need to let some of those balls drop to benefit our wellbeing and happiness.

Life isn't a race to the final destination, and I've always been a fan of the scenic route!


I think we should all remember to celebrate every achievement and accomplishment, no matter how small. Success is the culmination of hundreds of little things, and it's often only when we look back that we can see how far we've come.



To celebrate the 're-birth' of Mariesa Mae Lingerie, I'll be offering a 30% discount off everything in store and free shipping on all purchases. So be sure to stop by and have  a look.

The store will open on the 24th March and the offer will end on the 31st March.

Get ready for a happy Easter!



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