Sunrise Awakening

July 22 2018 – Mariesa Crowder

Sunrise Awakening - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

Sunrise Awakening - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

Sunrise Awakening


Like a Desert Rose,
I dream Of Crystal Raindrops,
Refreshing my skin ~


The desert is a sacred place where the conditions for life of any form are at their most challenging. But in that vast expanse of nothingness is where true beauty exists. A blank canvas to reflect on this awe inspiring earth that we live on. A void of openness where we can gaze up at the stars and marvel in their wonder. Exposed to the elements the realisation hits that in this emptiness of ‘nothingness’ everything exists. It’s how you decide to fill the space.


In this collaborative shoot with Love Khaos Designs we put together some looks to make you feel emboldened to explore your wilder side. We shot this at sunrise at Burning Man Festival, finding a spot away from it all to take these stunning photos.




Festival season is now sadly coming to an end as the feeling of Autumn starts to creep in. Festivals are a perfect time to express the inner you. The person that you feel that you truly are inside. Not the one who turns up reluctantly each day to work - or the one who feels tied down to their responsibilities.


Festivals are where you can take a moment and forget all about that stuff and just enjoy, embrace, let go and remember your playful side. The dancer, the lover of music, the feeling of being alive.  


When presenting yourself as the the most fabulous, gorgeous and most brilliant version of you, it makes total sense to mix in lingerie looks with your everyday style. The question is are you daring enough? If something makes you feel good, you should wear it. Why keep it kept away in a draw waiting for a purpose to be worn? Feeling sensual and strong and fabulous isn’t something to be hidden from the world. Off course, the flip side is that you could feel exposed and vulnerable!


The key is in how you feel inside.



So always choose to be daring, bold and fabulous. Your task on this earth it to become the best version of you that you could possible become.

Take that challenge and start to become that person today. 

 All the pieces in this shoot are part of our current collection available to pre-order now.

 To find out more about Love Khaos check out their website


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