The pursuit of beauty ...

November 18 2017 – Mariesa Crowder

The pursuit of beauty ... - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

The pursuit of beauty ... - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”

~ Albert Einstein


Nothing expresses beauty more eloquently than the form of the feminine. Her power is divine and heaven sent. She is grace personified. Her energy is the magic of the universe. Her expression, by nature, softens, transforms and creates harmony.


In the world of Mariesa Mae, the pursuit of beauty is our only truth. We celebrate beauty in its most natural form, not as something that is created or that you can become, but as something that you already are. Your very being and your internal make-up is what makes you beautiful.


In this shoot I got to collaborate with one of my favourite photographers, the wildly talented Juliet Taylor. To create these incredible images our muses wandered freely - without inhibition, inhabiting the opulent spaces and stunning surroundings of this truly extraordinary gentleman's estate.


With special thanks to my dear friend for letting us use his home as a backdrop to create these images 'in pursuit of beauty', I present to you this beautiful selection of photographs  showcasing pieces from the Mariesa Mae Lingerie current and upcoming collections.


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.45.14 am

I'd like to add that these images are of particular significance to me personally as they represent the transition of where I was with the development of Mariesa Mae Lingerie and my vision and intention that I set out of where I wanted to be.


At the time of this shoot, the Lola 'n' Leather pieces were only samples and I actually physically made the Godiva Latex sample on the day, glueing the set onto the model.  I almost didn't finish it in time but luckily I managed to squeeze in some shots of the model wearing it before we had to wrap the shoot!


I also did this shoot on my last day in Sydney, which I'm sure you can imagine was extremely stressful considering the enormity of the move I was about to make back to the UK and the grand scale and production of this shoot!


It has taken me almost 2 years to fully develop and refine the design, fit and production of the 'Lola 'n' Leather', 'Godiva Latex' and the 'Pretty Little things' stories. I'm so excited to announce that these collections are now ready to go into production and we will be dropping the release of the full collections next year!


If you'd like to find out more about the trials and tribulations of  creating 'Mariesa Mae lingerie' thus far, take a read our post 'Making of the brand,' where I detail 10 things I've learned on the Mariesa Mae Lingerie venture.





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