Glitter Tales: Meet our Valentine ♡ Rochelle Perry

February 02 2017 – Mariesa Crowder

Glitter Tales: Meet our Valentine ♡ Rochelle Perry - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

Glitter Tales: Meet our Valentine ♡ Rochelle Perry - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

It's that time of year again where our attention is forced to focus on all things l'amour! Love it or hate it, Valentines day is fast approaching!

We decided to steer clear of all of the usual clichés aimed to make you feel inadequate regardless of whether you're in a relationship or not. Instead we caught up with our gorgeous gal pal, Rochelle Perry, and decided to make her our Valentine.


Rochelle knows a thing or two about love and heartbreak. She was the 'one who got away' in Australia's first ever season of 'The Bachelor!' Getting down to the last 2 girls, Rochelle was devastated when she wasn't given the final rose. Not one to let heartbreak get the better of her and curious to find out what her fate held in store, Rochelle packed her bags and took off on a journey of self discovery. We caught up with her in London.



So tell us whats been happening since you've been here in the UK?
Wow,  just had such a good time!! Absolutely love London and the country side of England. I came here on a working holiday, so during the adventures of a new job I've been making time to explore the EU. I highly recommend this experience to any other Aussies interested in travel. You won't regret it!


 How does living in London compare to living in Australia?
London is just so intimidating and romantic. I must admit I have a slight love affair with this city. I'm a lot more curious in London as to what I was in Australia, obviously because it’s a new place with new opportunities. I find myself exploring more, trying new things, shaking off the routine and being open to new people entering my life. I think its really important to have that experience once in a while. I found myself in London, met a new version of myself, I love that.


You recently celebrated your 31st birthday, how do you feel about being in your 30's? 
Yes I did!! Getting into the 30's was way better than I was expecting. Life just suddenly made a little more sense, I grew into myself more, felt more comfortable in my own skin. I've learned what I love to do. I have built morals and standards for myself now, and abiding by them, its such a nice rewarding feeling. 
Life and its experiences have taught me many things just in the past few years. Coming into this new decade I am so much closer to the woman within. It really is amazing to think that in my 40's I will advance even further in this journey. For me its all about self discovery, peace and awareness. Looking back at who I was in my early 20’s is so different from the peaceful yet strong soul I am developing into now.


What advice would you give to your younger self knowing what you know now?
Stop worrying about everything. You literally can do or become anything you want. If an idea enters your heart, go for it. Your 20/30s in the best time for it!



You look amazing btw! How do you keep in shape? Do you have a fitness regime?
Yoga for just 30 minutes a day first thing in the morning!
I used to do long distance running which I also highly recommened for fast tracked fitness. But nothing has felt more rewarding than a lovely Vinyasa flow every morning before I start my day. I love the mental reminders of yoga – to have positive thoughts, speak positive words and have a positive intentions. My body loves the combination of yoga and a strictly vegan diet. It works for me, I feel great so I’m sticking with it.


One thing most people don't know about me is?
If you get me up on stage I can preform some of the greatest rap songs word for word. Karaoke winner - hello!!


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 Can you give our readers some tips on getting over heartbreak?
Time! In my opinion time is the greatest and most likely the only healer. Also don’t be around that person anymore. Without making it obvious try to unfollow them on social media, don’t ask around about what their doing and just accept the fact it didn’t work out for a reason you cannot control. If he/she is not the one then be grateful that you’ve been given the lesson and that you are now free to find your true match.


 What's the best thing about being single?
When you learn how to be single without being depressed all the time its truly the most exciting and rewarding time. Like hello! You can do whatever you want. Go where you want, think for yourself, try different looks, try different people! Just use this valuable time to invest in self awareness, development and discovery.
I know that I am more career, adventure and fitness focused when Im single, so I take that time seriously to build my skills before I invest that time into another person. There is no better way to be, whether you're in a relationship or single. Neither is the right answer, neither is the be all and end all. Just focus on yourself, go with the flow and enjoy YOUR life. 



Style icon in a film / TV series?
My favourite style icon is the infamous blogger Harper and Harley. Love Angelina Jolie she's super minimalistic, classic and neutral. Victoria Beckham, Bella Hadid and a bit of Kate Middleton.


 I feel sexiest when...
I'm eating clean, kicking butt in my yoga, feeling proud of myself after a week of hard work and I'm in a positive mind set. My sexiness is all produced from within, and I now know what I need to do to create that feeling. If you can create your own self esteem and not rely on it to come from other people you are truly a strong independent woman! Woop Woop.



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What would be your advice to girls wanting to pursue a career in modelling / presenting?

 The greatest thing I ever did was get comfortable in front of the camera with lots of shoots and lots of practice. Embrace your true self, don’t try to be like anybody else, then your character and words flow genuinely. People want to see the real you! I've had a lot of mentors help me find that, and it took me some time to be happy just being myself. But once I got over that hump it all become so much easier and flowed naturally.

 To better yourself, do some vocal training, learn how to prep your voice, talk to the camera like your chatting to your best friends and don’t be afraid of the audience. They are only people, just like you and me.

What is your favourite thing about being a woman?
Being a woman is so fun! I love hanging out with my girlfriends, getting dressed up, doing makeup, doing hair, all the trash tv we get to watch, girly music, café’s, restaurants, chatting about life, about boys, gossiping about the world, then all of a sudden we have the power to create life, raise children and create a love that is so far beyond the imagination! Its fun embracing femininity, but its also a serious responsibility. I love that.


You're leaving London soon, what's next for you from here?
I’m moving to Ireland wahooo! I’m really heartbroken leaving London but I want the adventure to continue, so I'll finalise my EU experience based in Dublin. After that who knows.


Your words to live by?
I just think that life is a very short very valuable experience. Do yourself a favour and listen to your gut. No matter how silly an idea seems just go for it, seriously you have to! That’s how your soul is communicating with you. If you let your insecurities stop you then you truly miss out on the greatest version of yourself. Why waste it!? Who cares what anybody says or what people might think. As soon as you block that out the faster you will get to have a life that’s shaped perfectly for you! Good luck in your journey and finding that meaning in your life. You deserve it! That’s why you’re here.


We had such a fun day dressing Rochelle up in Mariesa Mae Lingerie and doing these photos. Not only is she smart, savvy and stunningly beautiful, she is hilariously funny with her sparkling charm and her taste for adventure. Mix all of that with her down to earth 'Aussie' attitude and you can see why we're so in love with her and why she is our Valentine.

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Photography by: Jonny Faulkner  - @jfaulkner_photo

Hair and Make-up by Krystle Rose - @the_travelling_artist from (@face_alchemy)

Written and styled by Mariesa Mae