What's next for the Mariesa Mae Lingerie Label? 5 things we're planning for 2021

January 16 2021 – Mariesa Crowder

What's next for the Mariesa Mae Lingerie Label? 5 things we're planning for 2021 - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

What's next for the Mariesa Mae Lingerie Label? 5 things we're planning for 2021 - Mariesa Mae Lingerie

I always love the mindset that comes with the start of a New Year. With the mental wishlist of everything that you are willing to happen comes a feeling of optimism for better things to come. Although we are still being rocked by the tides of uncertainty amidst the craziness of this pandemic, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

 I decided to take a break from the label last year during all the mayhem that saw me having to relocate from Bali to Australia, and then back to the UK. Running a business amongst such challenges was understandably impossible.
But now I'm back in the UK, mid pandemic in lockdown alongside most of Europe, it feels right to take up where I left off and get back to doing what I love. 


 So what do I have in store for you all this year?

1)  There are going to be some small changes with the direction of the brand.  Keeping in tune with the mood of the pandemic, I'm feeling the need for comfort and softness and simpler things. Expect to see this mood reflected in our designs. However, we will still be keeping it sexy, so don't worry, our aesthetic won't be changing too dramatically!

 2)  Also in the mood of the pandemic, I want to be much more active with the #sexyontheinside initiative. The world definitely needs healing right now and we all need to be lifting each other up and helping each other along. I will be focusing on a lot more activity around this too.

 3)  This year I want to make the transition to making the label more sustainable. I will be looking to source more sustainable fabrics, all production will be in the UK while this is our base, and all our packaging will all be plastic free and environmentally friendly. As we're a small label we already have a small carbon footprint as we've only ever done small runs and operate with very little waste. Evenso, with that being said, there is still a lot we can do, and I am committed to doing everything I can to make the label as sustainable as possible as quickly as I can. There is going to be a period of transition while we make use of the fabrics and elastics that we have collected over the years, but these changes will definitely be happening. 

 4)  For me personally, I want to get back into rediscovering my playful side. I do find running a business does get me in a serious headspace that becomes all consuming. This year I want to get back to the creativity and having more fun with that. This means you may see more of me in-front of the camera!! I have a few idea's of things I would like to start adding to keep myself amused that hopefully you'll enjoy too.

5)  Finally, I am introducing a range of product's that I really genuinely cannot wait to share with you.

For Mariesa Mae Lingerie, 2021 is going to be all about raising the Love Frequency, working on building meaningful connections, inspiring more intimacy, and generally just putting out more love out into the world.

Watch this space to see how we go.  

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